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Should you choose Cloud Computing over a VPS?

Why the Cloud can Empower Employees and Enable Creativity

Companies are now beginning to see that flexibility and agility in responding to customer and market demands are critical for success. The way companies are looking to empower employees is changing; the approach of controlling and restricting employees often stunts news ideas and causes frustration in the workforce. This has been demonstrated in the BYOD schemes that companies are starting to embrace. Simply the technology available to employees on the high street may be better than their employer provides as part of its IT policy.

Where can the Cloud come in here you may ask? Well take this scenario for example; A marketing manager feels that they need to improve the companies social media and therefore decides that they want to launch a industry authority Blog. The marketing manager with limited resources wants to get things up and running in a few days and use all their marketing resources for the design, content, launch and driving traffic etc. The days of spending three to six months about what, where, and when, are gone, the market and competition just move too quickly. The IT department is only really used to supporting internal resources and is not sure where to go with this, their busy fixing PC and printers and in addition their budget is under review and pressure is to reduce costs. The marketing manager has a budget all be it limited, but must get real value and hit the ground running with the spend. Here’s where the Cloud comes in. Let’s say the marketing manager chooses WordPress which is free and off the shelf, then utilising a Cloud Server, the Blog can be deployed in minutes and the Cloud Computing technology can scale as the Blog traffic demands. There is nothing new to the concept which is often known as Shadow IT, but the Cloud really delivers benefits.

The above could apply to extranets, promotional websites etc etc. The main benefits are that the company only pays for what it needs, there are no long term contractual commitments and the Cloud Server can scale as the business grows, so the business ‘pays as it grows’. If the Blog is a success everyone is happy, if not then the risk is limited. In reality many larger companies with multi product lines are implementing dozens of initiatives on a monthly basis and could do more if the employees are empowered to get on and implement their ideas.

At this point we would like to stress that we’re not implying that companies have an uncontrolled approach to it’s online activities, but that the creation and deployment can be as quick as the market demands and fully exploit employees creativity.

There is no doubt that Cloud Computing technology is here to stay and the benefits are numerous. We would recommend that should you consider moving to a Cloud based platform you speak with a reputable provider such as Hosting Ireland who have invested significantly in Cloud Computing and are recognised as an authority in Ireland.

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