Domain Name Registration

When setting up a new site domain name registration and tld ( the .com, .eu, .ie bit ) is an important choice.

Should you get a .ie or a .com?
should you go for a name with hyphens or without?

Below are some things which you should consider before looking at domain registration:

1. Who is your target audience
2. What search terms do you want the site to be found under

If you own an country specific business and your customer base is largely based in one country, then you want to reflect that with your domain name.
However if you own a business that is looking to expand into other countries or move its products onto the web to reach a global market, then a non localised tld would be a better choice such as a .com , .net, .info.

You will also want new customers to be able to find you in the major search engines. Many of these search engines take into account the domain tld when compiling their results. This means that when you search from Ireland .ie domains are given preference over other domain types. Also with a .ie domains and irish domains you are more likely to find a domain name that you want as there are less registered then a .com for example.

So what if you are setting up a brand new website that is going to be an entirely web based project. Well assuming you want to receive visitors to the site the domain and tld is more important than ever?
If you want to reach as many people as possible then one of the global tlds would best. If you are looking to be found under certain key terms, it can be a good idea to include these terms in the domain name. For example if you were setting up a jobs site then finding a domain name with the word “jobs” in it would be a good choice.

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