What is Happening to the VPS….?

A VPS has long been the favourite of web developers and those of us that have high traffic sites. All the benefits of a dedicated servers, but at a price that is more affordable. However, the VPS seems to be disappearing, is that perception true?

Well simply put the good old trusty VPS is being replaced with, you’ve guessed it, a cloud alternative. Well what is the difference? Can I still get a VPS? Should I be concerned about my current VPS?

Well lets start by saying don’t panic, the VPS is still going to be around and VPS’ are going to be around for some time. However, it’s worth looking at the alternatives. Generally speaking the VPS is being replaced with what some would term a cloud VM (Virtual Machine) or with something with a similar name (Cloud VPS, Virtual Cloud VPS, etc, etc). The cloud alternative will give you loads more of everything and at a price that should be even better value.

Here is a range of resources you should expect with a Cloud VM relative to pricing:-

CPU 1-4
Memory 1024MB – 6144MB
Disk Space 30GB – 80GB
Data Transfer 500GB – 1250GB
Pricing €29.95 – €199.95

Pricing is just a guide based upon what we found when shopping around.

So far maybe your VPS has served you well, but when your contract comes up for renewal it might be worth considering an alternative that delivers more, such as a cloud VM…

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